Efficient energy for a reliable grid

Electric utilities face the challenge of meeting today's energy needs while ensuring that they are prepared for the demands of tomorrow. Prolec GE provides reliable transformer solutions for use in the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy, helping to maintain a continuous grid operation.

High-grade materials combined with state-of-the-art technology in our design and manufacturing systems are key elements of a transformer that will deliver years of high reliability service.

Product solutionsService solutions
Single-Phase Pole-Type transformer Single-Phase Pole-Type
Three-Phase Pole-Type transformer Three-Phase Pole-Type*
Single-Phase Padmount installed Single-Phase Pad-Mounted
Three-Phase Padmount commercial Three-Phase Pad-Mounted
Single-Phase Subsurface Single-Phase Submersible*
Three-Phase Subsurface Three-Phase Submersible*
Step-Up Transformer Solar Step-Up Transformers for Solar Energy Applications
Step-Up Transformer Wind Step-Up Transformers for Windfarm Applications
Secondary Substation Transformer Secondary Substation Transformer
Small Primary Substation Transformer Small Primary Substation Transformer
Medium Power Transformer Medium Power Transformer
Power Transformer Power Transformer
Power Transformer on SVC Power Transformer for SVC
GSU Installed Generator Step-Up Transformer
CSU Installed Collector Step-Up Transformer
Autotransformer installed Autotransformer
Shunt Reactor installed Shunt and Neutral grounding reactors
*Only avaliable in Mexico

We offer a variety of services related to the installation, assessment, and maintenance of transformers. From an external evaluation and all required field tests to a complete relocation project.

At Prolec GE, we offer an extensive portfolio of services that make your process business more productive.

Prolec GE can provide the following services:

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