October 2017
By: Elisa Zambrano Gómez, Product Technology Leader

Prolec GE implements strict design and manufacturing standards for our products to be highly reliable and to have a life span of more than 20 years. Additionally, each of our distribution transformers undergo a series of tests that must have a satisfactory result before they can leave our facilities, complying with all the applicable standards.

After assembling the core and coil, the first tests take place. Turn ratio is measured on the rated voltage connection and on all tap positions listed on the nameplate. This test checks if the turn ratio between the high and low voltage is correct and meets the standard. The polarity and phase relation tests on the rated voltage connection are completed to make sure the windings comply with the additive or subtractive configuration requested by our customer.


September 2017
By: Jorge Sepúlveda, VP Financial Management

Without a doubt, all new changes in the local, regional and global macroeconomic environments require us to adjust our short-, medium- and long-term strategies to make sure stakeholders keep considering Prolec GE as a sustainable enterprise.

This year has been no exception; volatility continues to impact macroeconomic variables / factors affecting our performance. For example: from January to July, 2017 the peso - dollar exchange rate accumulated a 14% appreciation, the copper base carries a 10% inflation. Also, annualized inflation in Mexico reached just over 6%.

August 2017
By: Jesús Ávila Montes, Research Engineer Jr.

VG-100® is a dielectric fluid derived of natural Ester of edible seeds, formulated with a proprietary process suitable for use in transformers - both new and retrofill.

July 2017
By: Elisa Zambrano Gómez, Product Technology Leader


Just as blood test analysis are used to identify health issues, dissolved gas analysis (DGA) in the transformer’s oil can be useful for the early detection of possible failures before they appear.



Julio 2017
Por: Edgardo Cruz, VP Supply Chain at Prolec GE

In every business in the world, the main purpose of a Supply Chain system is to align internal operations to customer service and satisfaction, ensuring the benefit of all parties involved. But when businesses create different ways of meeting their customers' needs, and those strategies become a business differentiator, it’s always exciting news! These are the reasons that prompt a customer to choose a specific vendor. This is how competition starts.

A Company’s or Business’ Supply Chain can be, without a doubt, a differentiator. That is, one of the reasons leading a business to compete, or to be “an option” for its customers; When the Supply Chain provides the business with the features other competitors do not have, its goal turns out to be same as the business’s goal.

May 2017
By: Pedro Puente, VP Technology Development and Innovation

Since the age of Thomas A. Edison and Nikola Tesla, more than 120 years ago, we didn’t experience such massive change in the energy industry as the one we are facing today. At that time, the electric system was designed for Direct Current at a very low scale (1882), supplying power to a few users and lighting up spaces with the recently developed electric bulb; few years later, in 1896, the Alternating Current model was presented by Westinghouse Electric (with the collaboration of inventor Nikola Tesla). This new model allows transmission of electric power to greater distances at high efficiency levels.

It was then when the electrical power system, as we know it today, was created. It is clear that the system has been in continuous development since then.

April 2017
By: Manuel Resendiz, VP Power Transformers

In the energy industry, it is imperative for our customers to be able to trust their power supplier in all areas, from energy production to power distribution at the different points of consumption. Therefore, it is extremely important to align all the components of its system for guaranteeing an excellent operation.

In the power transformer business, here at Prolec GE, we have worked successfully for more than 40 years ensuring our customers satisfaction. Throughout these years, we have developed our best practices, aligning our processes to be customer-oriented, addressing their current needs and working along them on any concerns they might have for the future. As a result, we have developed strong relationships as business partners of leading energy producers, distributors, and users in North America.

April 2017
By: Elisa Zambrano, Product Technology Leader

Large-scale photovoltaic solar power generation technology has made a significant progress in recent years, and it is now a highly competitive investment option for clean energy. At Prolec GE, we have grown along with this technology and we offer a range of transformers that fully meets all of the market needs.    

March 2017
By: José Dávila Roque, Leader of Technical studies

The process of manufacturing a retro-fit transformer with space constraints and specific dimensions undoubtedly becomes an important technological challenge that not every manufacturer can overcome.

March 2017
By: Alfonso Benavides, VP Human Resources

At Prolec, we know family and business are linked together, and this connection allows us not only to establish a solid and long-term relationship with our employees, but also reach our goals through a shared effort. For this reason, our organization works day to day in the creation of the right conditions that allow our employees to grow professionally and feel accomplished, while offering, at the same time, a healthy environment for family bond.

At the end of 2015, we received the "Inclusive Company” Award, and we are working hard to receive the "Family-Friendly Company" Award, which recognizes workplaces with good work practices for a healthy work-family relationship. However, more than the award, what really matters to us is providing our employees and their families with a better quality of life.  We can only accomplish this through the different activities and initiatives that we have implemented over the years.

February 2017
By: Prolec GE

As part of our expansion in ecofriendly product portfolio, in Prolec GE we have developed VG-100, a natural ester fluid made from soy seeds’ natural esters that can be safely used in electric transformers. This patented dielectric fluid is 100% biodegradable, completely natural and non-toxic, free from any additives or toxic compounds. VG-100 does not pollute water or land, preventing negative environmental impacts.  

January 2017
By: Ricardo Suarez, CEO at Prolec GE

We are starting a new year full of uncertainty. We are currently facing an unpredictable macroeconomic situation, involving changes in foreign politics, and an increasing inflation in our local market. However, we must stay calm and remind ourselves that, especially under difficult circumstances, we should always keep our commitment to capitalize on new growth opportunities through innovation and operational excellence.

The fact that we are the largest transformer manufacturer in the continent is not a coincidence. There are four central pillars supporting our 40 years of uninterrupted growth: Customer-Oriented Strategies, Operational Excellence, Innovation, and Human Capital.

To our clients, I want to assure you we are more focused than ever in not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations. We have the talent and management means to keep our products and services always ahead, as required by the market dynamics.

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